32030 - US MK VIII Gun Sights

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Air superiority was paramount in World War Two and the U.S. Mk VIII reflector gunsight embodied a major advancement toward achieving that goal for the air forces of the United States and its allies. Equipping P-47D Thunderbolt, F4U Corsair and F4F Wildcat fighter aircraft, this technological achievement gave pilots the edge needed for victory over contemporary Axis fighter planes.

This multi-media assembly kit contains ten parts cast in premium quality resin for building two complete Mk VIII gunsight replicas with film for creating accurate lenses. Also includes complete assembly instructions. This kit is designed for direct replacement of the gunsight part contained in Hasegawa P-47D plastic model kits. Minor modification is required for installation in F4U and F4F models. The gunsight is the most obvious item found under a models canopy and now you can dress up you model with this precisely accrate scale improvement.

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