32058 - 1/32 U.S. Navy Observer/Gunner Mid to Late W.W. 2

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This historically accurate and highly detailed 11-piece multi-media figure kit will add a touch of life and personality to your next 1/32 scale Dauntless, Avenger, Helldiver, Kingfisher or other appropriate U.S. Navy model. Complete with a modified deck crew helmet, Wilson MkII goggles, 37-A17 throat microphone, B-4 life preserver, seat pack parachute, rough-out shoes and enlisted man’s dungarees, this figure sports all the authentic gear common to observer/gunners of the time. Cast in premium grade polyurethane resin and lead-free pewter, this figure kit contains no less than six different choices of arms and two heads; one with goggles up and one with goggles down. Assembly instructions and painting guide are also included. Combined with our U.S. Navy seated pilot figures of the era, this figure is bound to add life and scale proportion to your next project.