32056 - 1/32 U.S. Navy/Marines Aviator South Pacific, World War Two

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Many photographs from the South Pacific show pilots in either short tropical uniforms or uniforms they have cut short in the field. This detail adds much realism and a sense of atmosphere to a model airplane replicating one that flew in the P.T.O. Our latest release, Catalog No. 32056: U.S. Navy/Marines Aviator, South Pacific, World War Two is complete in every historically researched detail including Officer’s Short Uniform, M-450 Helmet, Wilson MkII Goggles, 37-A17 Throat Microphone, B-4 Life Preserver, Q.A.S. Parachute, Boon Docker Shoes and Fighting Knife. This new multi-media seated pilot figure, complete with assembly instructions and painting guide, is bound to add that extra element of precision and scale proportion to your next subject from the South Pacific. Happy Modeling!