32064 - 1/32 U.S.A.A.F. Waist Gunner European Theater

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Continuing our growing line of U.S. bomber crew figures from World War Two, Master Details is pleased to bring you our latest product #32064: U.S.A.A.F. Waist Gunner, mid to late WW2. This thoroughly researched and authentically equipped 1/32 scale figure represents a typical waist gunner in the European theater ready for a high altitude mission. New gear featured in this kit include Type A-9 Winter Flying Trousers and Type A-9 Winter Flying Gauntlets. Every detail has been meticulously reproduced and cast in premium grade polyurethane resin and lead-free pewter. With an alternate head and arm along with a separate oxygen mask, bladder, hose and Type A-3 Q.A.C. parachute, this dynamically posed and historically accurate waist gunner figure will add life and scale to your next big bomber.