32051 - .50 Caliber Ammo Chutes

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Master Details is proud to present our latest release in constant 1/32 scale, Cat. 32051: .50 Caliber Machine Gun Flexible Ammunition Chutes, designed for use in any U.S. World War Two bomber model. Cast in metal using a specially formulated lead-free alloy that is easily formed to any position required and easily trimmed to any length required, these accurate and fully detailed ammunition chutes will enhance the gunner’s positions of your next model bomber project. These ammunition chutes require no tools to form; are easily formed into any required configuration with your fingers, and stay in that position once formed. They can be repositioned as necessary and easily affixed with cyanoacrylate (super glue) type adhesive. Lengths can be cut with standard sprue snippers and the cut squared off with a few swipes of a sanding stick. Master Details’ Ammunition Chutes not only add the next level of detail to your model but also allow machine guns to be posed realistically while removing the frustration inherent with installing injection molded or vinyl ammunition chutes. Happy Modeling!