32042 - 1/32 Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot

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Meticulously researched and highly detailed, this seated pilot figure will add scale comparison and realism to 1/32 scale German bomber models such as the He-111, Ju-57 and Ju-88 Ar-196 to name a few as well as many other WW-2 Luftwaffe subjects. Authentic details include an accurate K/So 34 one-piece summer flying suit, model 10-76 B-1 Kapok life preserver, LKp S 101 flight helmet with ‘rescue’ cover and Mi4 throat microphone, model 295 flight goggles, model 10-76 oxygen mask, model 30 IS 24 (FL 32031) parachute, model Pst 4004 flight boots and leather flying gloves. Kit contains choice of four head configurations, four arm configurations, separate oxygen mask & hose, decals, instructions and painting guide.