F-100 Super Sabre Wheels

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F-100 Super Sabre Correct Wheels for Trumpeter's 1/32 scale kits
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Trumpeter's 1/32 scale F-100 Super Sabre model kit comes with polyvinyl or polypropylene tires that not only may crack or interact with the styrene hubs over time but also are too large in diameter.  The kit tires, therefore, male the model sit too high on the landing gear.  The real jet has a distinct tail-low attitude when sitting on the ground.  In addition, the kit nose wheels are of the same hub pattern on both wheels while our research shows the nose wheel hub on the port side of the aircraft was spoked while the starboard side hub was of the plain style.  Master Details is proud to bring you our highly detailed direct replacement wheel set for the Trumpeter F-100 Super Sabre kit that not only solves these problems with the appropriate corrected tire diameter but adds another level of detail to your model.

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